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Raval Tavishi Sumit


Planning & Design Of Road Infrastructure In Hilly Region

With the growing demands in context of road infrastructure development in India and certain other countries, it is identified that a civil engineer equipped with the skills and strategies of road engineering principles and having a certain exposure to actual real life road related problem can be a useful professional. This course has been designed to equip the student with skills, rationales and abilities in context of road infrastructure planning and designs. The studio dwells around the problem of planning and designing a suitable road alignment in hilly region where natural and built environment effects can be influential. Civil and infrastructure engineering principles and techniques that aid in analyzing and design of the road route and its pavements will be applied for generating a suitable solution. The process and solution are to be illustrated through virtual and physical models. For the Spring 2021 semester, the studio has explored the problem of road alignment optimization for the Taranga hill region and Idar hill region in Gujarat. 

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Report Content

Introductory Exercises

Site Introduction (Taranga Hill)

General Alignment Drawing For Existing Route (Taranga Hill)

Site Introduction (Idar Hill)

Types Of Surveys

Route Proposal (Idar Hill)

Selected Route (Idar Hill)

Design Of Horizontal & Vertical Alignment For Selected Route

Drainage Design & Pavement Design For Selected Route

Earthwork Calculations & Cost Estimation For Selected Route