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Shah Rajvi Atul


Planning & Design of Road Infrastructure in Hilly Region

The studio focuses on the process of planning and constructing a road in a hilly area. From slow-moving, vulnerable pedestrians, bikes, and animals to fast-moving vehicles of various types, road design necessitates an appreciation of the often conflicting needs of diverse users. Understanding the user's needs; checking and selecting route alignments based on civil and highway engineering standards, methods, and codes; technical specification; configuration of its components, quantity calculations; parametric tests, and road safety research using advanced design tools including Open-Road, AutoCAD, Google Earth, and QGIS. All of these aspects were first practiced on a case study for Taranga Hill Road after applying them to the planned alignment at Idar. Click here for Portfolio and detailed Report.

Report Content

Planning and Understanding

Taranga Hill Road Study

Surveying and Testing

Idar Site

Proposed Alignment

Horizontal Curve Design


Drainage and Pavement Design

Earthwork and Cost Calculations

Road Safety Plan, Parametric and SWOT Analysis

Project Video