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Ahan Pujari


Planning & Designing Road Infrastructure in Hilly Region

This studio course has been designed to equip the student with skills, rationales and abilities in context of road infrastructure in hilly region where natural and built environment effects can be influential.  We familiarized ourselves with the process to be followed and aspects to be considered by working on a case study ie Taranga Hill Road. We then went on to utilize this skill and experience to propose an alignment in Idar Hill. Moreover we analyzed and calculated the various aspects of the project in depth like horizontal and vertical alignment, earthwork, cost, safety to prove its feasability.

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Report Content

Introductory exercises

Case Study - Taranga Hilll

Field Survey and Material Testing

Idar - Site Introduction

Alignment Proposal

Geometric Design

Drainage and Pavement Design

G.A.D & Road Safety Plan

Earthwork and Cost Analysis

Parametric and SWOT analysis of Proposed Alignment

Project Video