Rudra Dhaduk


Proposed Route at Idar

Studio focuses on planning and designing a Road in hilly region and the process required to do it Road design requires an understanding of the frequently conflicting needs of diverse users from slow moving, pedestrians, cyclists and animals, to fast moving vehicles of many kinds Understanding the user’s requirements testing and selection of route alignments based on civil and highway engineering principles, techniques and codes technical specification design of its elements, quantity calculations parametric studies and road safety analysis using advanced design tools such as Open Road, Bentley reality modeling, Google Earth and QGIS.

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Report Content

Mind map, Study area, Fishbone Diagram, Maps studied etc.

Filed surveys, and its comparison, along with LULC Map

Reconnaissance Survey, Contour and Strahler order, and Study Area Map

Proposed Routes and Refinement

Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

General Alignment Drawing, for route 4A

General Alignment Drawing, for route 4B

Surface and Cross Drainage Design

Soil, Material Testing, and Pavement Design

Road Safety Plan, Mass Haul Diagram, SWOT Analysis, and cost analysis summary

Project Video