Goswami Hitarth Jayminpuri


Manch : A Place of Tradition

Structural Design and Space making have always been like two lines of a railway track; parallel yet never intersecting. One cannot exist without the other. This studio focuses on how bricks can be expressed in structure. The journey started by understanding the bricks, and then gradually several exercises made us learn many new things including building elements and load transformation. The final exercise was to design a brick pavilion for 200 people which should include a exhibition space, changing rooms, washrooms, performing center.

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Case Study - Christ Church

Brick Bonding

Brick Bonding - Arch, Vault, Dome

Building Elements

Udepur Haats - Working Drawings

Udepur Haats - 3D views

The Pavilion - Working Drawings

The Pavilion - Details

The Pavilion - Construction Sequence

The Pavilion - 3D Rendered Views

Project Video