Harsora Shaunak Rupesh



Haat With its bend and sharp edges, it achieves the slope towards southeast and southwest direction which lets the parallel part to the wall face north, allowing the north light to enter through jali . With its round and smooth edges, it allows the symmetry to be followed .Pavilion. The four arches at the top which let the dome rest on it are then extruded into vaults . The flying buttress has an equal amount of value in design, as in structure . The mezzanine is supported by arches below it which creates the entrance to this grandeur .

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Report Content

Case Study

Arch, Bonds, Vault, Dome.

Haat Bazaar shop

Drawings and 3d model of a shop module.

The Pavilion: Form derivation

Exploded view and Drawings.

Element Details and Elevations.

Construction process of Elements and 3D model.

Site and Pavilion 3 dimensional View.

Project Video