Patel Chintesh Dipakbhai


The Archway : A passage to a new gazebo

The Archway is a hat bazaar located in Chhota Udaipur to serve the purpose of gathering into 200 people in one location  by designing three spaces : two shops and one Pavilion. In order to change perception of load bearing structures which are seen as bulky to light structures the masonry plays an important role in providing overall structural stability of the building. The site consists of three different types of buildings with 2 shops consisting of design iterations with respect to space and roofing system. Along with it a pavilion was made to serve it as a gathering place. Each of the three buildings, learnings and understanding from case studies, discussions and design iteration were done before finalizing them.

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Learning From The Masters : Red castle / Atelier 38

Designing Of Elements : Junctions , Arch , Vault , Dome Details

Designing Building Elements: Staircase With Sitting / Cavity in Staircase

Designing Building Elements: Wall With Sitting / Column As A Entry

Bandla Hat Bazaar : Overview

Hat Bazaar : Details - Drawings

Hat Bazaar : Details

The Archway : Drawings

The Archway : Details

The Archway : Construction Process

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