Hundlani Rohit Himanshu


The Undulating Cavern: Recreation Pavilion

The project aims on designing a pavilion which serves as an auditorium for live stage performances as well as a recreational space which accommodates 200 people at a time and includes a mezzanine as well. The main objective of exercise was to design the whole building using conventional and cost effective masonry at an existing site in Chhota Udepur, Gujarat. The pavilion offers a lively amphitheater under a huge anticlastic shell and open air sittings with tiny isolated gardens.

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Case Study: De Poort Van Borne

Element Design - Arch, Vault, Dome

Site and Architecture

Roof Design-Haat Shops

Pavilion: Project Brief and Form Finding

Pavilion: Drawings and Insights

Pavilion: Element Details

Pavilion: Construction and Sequencing and Exploded Isometric

Pavilion: Rendered Views

Project Video