Muskan Sood


A Kaleidoscope

The Toy Making Institute near the Chundawara Mahal would be a place managed and run by the local communities that would provide the local communities the opportunities to learn new skills and technology and produce the new upgraded local toys on a global stage. The institute would also facilitate learning for design students and artisans through sharing of knowledge and skills through workshops and other short term courses.
The institute would sit on the site like one of its hidden gems wanting to create a sense of joy, wonder and simplicity and sense of purpose. 

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Report Content

Logo for the Toy Institute and Toy Design

Aspiration for the Toy Making Institute

Figure Ground Diagrams

Understanding the Site Forces

Understanding the Nature of Spaces and Organisation

Ordering the spaces with the help of Serial Vision

Plans of the Institute

Plans of the Institute

Sections, Wall Section and Detailed Plan of the Workshop Block

Serial Vision and Images of Physical Model

Project Video