Gandhi Karan Sameer


A Place for Wonder

This portfolio is a compilation of the work done during Architecture is a Way of Life, an L3 studio at the Faculty of Architecture at CEPT University in the final year of B. Arch program. Focusing on ‘asking the right questions’ the studio explored various tools such as figure-ground diagrams, seriel vision and stack-ups as well as reflective exercises to lead to a well-rounded design process. With a program to design a Toy Making Institute at the Chundwara Mahal in Dungarpur, Rajasthan the studio attempted to explore questions of institution-making, establishing architectural relationships at multiple scales, creation of domains of varied size and nature and creating an architectural language through design and detail. 

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Report Content

1. The studio began with reflective exercises and program formulation

2. Figure-ground diagrams were a major driving force in the initial design conceptualization

3. Design development and concept formulation lead to initial ideas of a language

4. By mid-semester, a grammar started emerging.

5. The final design narrative was based on the idea of coming together in a place of wonder

6. Units lead to hubs which further lead to clusters

7. The masterplan comes together in a part-to-whole approach.

8. The institution forms a relationship between the mahal and the lake

9. The institution as seen from above

10. Various views and details of the institution