Mevada Falguni Mukesh


Four by Four - Toy Making Institute

The site is located on an isolated top of the terrain of chundawara mahal. When I visited the site, the visual connection was very strong towards the lake which made me think of connecting the existing context - mahal and lake with my institute but there was also a concern for the privacy of the same. 
The idea of connecting visually from both spaces was not just connecting with the context but also making the users or visitors curious about the spaces that are visual to them. The lake is one of the important parts of the context along with the mahal, the intervention of the toy-making institute should not be an obstacle from the mahal.
The journey towards the site and space is equally important. It should be inviting and create a sense of entering a different space creating curiosity and excitement about it. It is not just a simple path toward the space but it should create pause points where one can sit, rest and enjoy the view. The vehicular entry is very limited, the journey becomes a very important part. Coming forward from the temple plinth, the path is slowly revealed toward the lake. 
The toy-making institute should be fun and user-friendly. I have tried to incorporate ramps and stairs to reach different levels happening inside the institute. Each space including the studio, workshop, admin, the play area is unique in itself in terms of spatial expression, light play, nature of seating, and openings and the spaces could be open, semi-open, and closed. The space itself should be fun and exploring where each space gives a different experience and view considering the context. 

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