Atul Krishnan


Geodesic Field

Geodesic Field lies next to Chundwara Mahal adjacent to the highway connecting Ahmedabad and Udaipur. While it is part of a larger development of the Mahal, adjoining fields and residences, it is oriented around the views of the natural lake and the water channel. Rather than designing an “object” building, this project is a field that merges landscape and architecture. The program is a unique institutional space which provides a sacred-like atmosphere for studios, exhibition spaces, workshop, library and cafe. Additionally, the building will be the site of seminars, exhibitions and performances. The key structural component is a folded steel space frame plane. Its gentle folds create the space below. Slices into the plane reveal the main entrance and the openings into the landscape. The main event space is lit from above by the voids in the structure, making the structure as integral to the light in a manner that is similar to temple and other sacred spaces. . A few skylights open automatically at the uppermost area of the space to induce natural ventilation and supplemental cooling. 

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Concept collages

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Basement plan

1:50 scale part plan


Wall section

Exploded Model View