Riya Pai



How can toys be a medium of communication between the child and the world of knowledge?Can toys ever replace textbook learning? Can they make it more interesting or engaging? What can it offer that a book cannot? How would a toy institution contribute to making learning through play? Can an institution which harbours young minds start a revolutionary new pedagogy through the tools of play ? How would an experience of being in a place where new opportunities and inventions happen feel like? How can the toys which are made in the institution keeping in mind the textbook syllabus of the children be made? What would be the different agencies which will come into picture to implement such a reform? How would it be beneficial for the country’s stand in global education and learning system? 

What will the design bring? 
Objectives and Goals. • Local Artisans, a space for them. Employment for them. • Community engagement. • A space to learn and grow. • A hub for innovative new ideas to take the local at a global level.• Will attempt to bridge the gap between local craft and mass market production. • Accessible to all.• Will promote design knowledge and make it available to everyone. • A multidisciplinary approach. • Will focus on dissolving boundaries. • Will accommodate and cater to the artist communities by giving them a platform to grow. 

Report Content

Program Brief and Aspiration Statement

Figure Ground Diagrams


Site Plan

Roof Plan

Level 1 Plan

Level 2 Plan


Serial Vision and Exploded View of the Final Design

Documentation Technique : Leporello