Bhavyakumar Pulkitkumar Satwara


The Innovation Hub

The institute seeks to create a mutualistic learning environment.
 The institute will provide an opportunity to artists/toy designers for co-opetition, contributing to bringing forth new ideas and hence developing new toys. Not only do they gain mutual benefit but the interaction with students will also enhance their perception. This institute also becomes a platform for exchanging ideas and portraying traditional toys from different regions of India. This can help maintain the cultural values of particular toys from that specific region resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship between both artists. In addition to learning about classic toys and the manufacturing process, students also gain fresh ideas and innovations that enhance their perception. here the idea of making an open and interactive space is attempted by using a few axis lines and as a result, some massing has been derived. the building has various sizes of courtyards in order to break the linearity but the built mass is in a certain language. the intention was to create a more interactive space for the artists and students by creating a courtyard of broken and scattered geometry derived from axis lines. and those axis lines are derived from the site itself.

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Report Content

Aspiration and toy

Figure - ground diagrams

Form simplification

Site plan

Design resolution

Design development

Final Drawings

Final Drawings

Final Drawings