Prakruti Manilal Parsiya


The Toy Designing Institute

The toy designing institute draws its character from the site, a place of wonder and inspiration to all gender, class and ages— an inclusive place, with intimate character, where knowledge of toy making is exchanged.
There should be a feeling of wonder induced by the place where toys are designed. A space that makes one inspired to design. It is not necessary that the sense of wonder comes just from new and never seen before spaces and ideas. The wonder can be induced by drawing one’s attention to the already existing things, to heighten their experience of place.
Design process is very serious business, one needs focus to work it out all the bigger and smaller details. A space dedicated to ideating, drawing and making, isolated from rest of the world can help induce this focus. But at the same time, it can’t be an isolated process also. We as architects cannot design a building without taking into consideration the stakeholder’s needs. The best way to do so is directly consulting them rather than assuming. For us the site context is also very important, so going to the site becomes necessary. But context for a toy is very much different than a building. Its not physically somewhere far that we have to go to. So rather than going out to look for world’s reaction to their design, the world can be brought to them. A space which is opened for the outside world, where the designers see if the way that they intended for the toy to be played with, is materializing or not. What are the concerns that are coming forth which needs to solved before the idea goes to a factory and its mass production begins. The institution also should concern itself with the local community because of the previously mentioned concern of isolation. In the world there should be give and take in the community for its smooth functioning. The local community should feel like a part of the institution for its smooth functioning. A space of making where the knowledge is exchanged between the local children, adults and the design students. The local people are taught how conduct the workshop on their own. The institution should be an inclusive place for all classes, gender and ages of society; truly universally approachable. So that the influence on the students will enable them to produce toys that are more inclusive. The idea of making it more universal, bringing visitors in and conducting workshop should not lead to it getting commercialized and crowded. The charm of the site is that not many people know about the place and it adds to the quality of wonder and that quality should be maintained. A space that is falling under the public realm, while maintaining its intimacy, invokes wonder in those few inhabiting it.

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