Aanchal Bansal


TOY Making Institute, Rajasthan

The project aims to create a space to exchange ideas of arts, crafts & techniques involved in making musical toys & instruments across state and national borders. It aims at standing as a collaborative institute for researching, designing, making, and sharing ideas across borders. It aims to establish itself as a place as dynamic as the environment it stands in. A place for diversity & secularity to harbor. A place integrated with nature & the landscape around it. A place to discuss visual, physical, agile, tactical, and cognitive abilities. A place that involves the local population around the institute. A place to critique, uplift, promote & celebrate the art of making & the craft of toys...

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Report Content

Site Analysis & Observations

Aspiration for the Toy Making Institute

Figure Ground Sketches

Chosen Diagrams & Evolution of Ideas

Serial Vision Study & Site Plan

Roof & Entrance Plans

Upper & Lower Level Plans


Wall Section, Part Plan & Physical Model

Cullen Vision Demonstrating the Experience Through the Designed Institution

Project Video