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Khyati Upendragiri Goswami


Toy Story: Institute of Toy making Technology

We as humans, experience design every day without any second thought. The built environment communicates with us by stimulating our perceptions, senses, and minds. The idea was to create a journey that prioritizes such human interaction within the space. A toy-making institute; is playful, joyous, interesting, and curious. The core idea was to create layers of curiosity, when one enters the space one cannot see the lake. Once you go through the building, the lake unfolds itself in front of you. To make the journey interesting and not just the built. For an instance, if we think like, a small kid when engages with a toy there is curiosity and once he/she figures it out there is a sense of achievement, similarly, when one enters the building there is a sense of curiosity and slowly that experience chances and the built opens itself up to the lake. Nature, the greens, the land, and the browns; blend with the built and creates an interesting journey. The two courtyards around which the mass is organized form a pocket for people to come to gather and also help provide better ventilation. The larger idea was to create varied experiences.

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Report Content

Toy designing exercise

Siting and Program

Figure-ground diagrams

Reasoning and filtering

Final Iteration


Exploded view showing the positioning of the overall organization

Wall section showing the details and the material palette

Serial vision

Views and model