Faculty: Kruti Shah

Atlas Of Infrastructural Nomadology

This DRP will focus on the prospect of establishing a conceptual framework of study, from the investigation of place-making, movable devices in the Indian context. In other words, speculate on the principles of nomadic architectures as a loose science in itself, utilizing mapping and drawing as main instruments of enquiry.
We will study the importance of self-managed infrastructural systems that operate in a decentralized and autonomous manner, as mechanisms for under-served groups to gain agency over the administrative and spatial construction of their territories. Departing from a set of empirical observations, we propose the idea of ‘Infrastructural Nomadology’ as a way to problematize conventional understandings of infrastructural projects, and reframe them as a set of techno-political processes that can work outside the state apparatus and are not bounded to the constraints of a static place-making.

Student DRP