Faculty: A. Srivathsan

Design and transformation of historical areas

Many historically significant Indian cities face the pressing need to rejuvenate. The question has been whether a simple conservation approach is sufficient? The problems of the precincts are more than that of recovering the cultural significance, and they need vast improvements in terms of facilities, infrastructure and mobility. In recent times, some urban design projects such as the Taj Ganj and Kashi Vishwanath Dham promise just that. How do these projects define the problem of redeveloping historic areas? What strategies do they apply? How do they reconcile conflicting demands? Have they delivered on their objectives? Questions abound. Using a case studies approach, the Centre for Research on architecture and urbanism documents and analysis contemporary urban design projects in India. It focuses explicitly on historical areas. The study would entail the analysis of a relevant case study under Prof. A. Srivathsan.