Faculty: Sankalpa _

Detailing Bamboo

Sourced from nature, bamboo by far is one of the most readily available materials used in almost all parts of India. The durability and resistance to fire of bamboo has led to its fewer use as a permanent application in construction in urban areas whereas its cost and availability has led to multiple temporary applications. The supply of treated bamboo in the market unlike untreated is staggering which often restricts its wide scale applicability. However, this very nature of its availability and organic calls for more research and development in the coming time.
The core issue concerning the detailing in bamboo lies its adaptability to varying diameter which makes it challenging to standardize the fastener system like steel or timber fasteners. Furthering this concern, the research will take up a corner condition in a small span bamboo e.g. using single bamboo in spanning structure and develop a fastener system that can be standardized.