Faculty: Siraz Hirani

Housing for the Urban Poor in Ahmedabad

Over the last century, India has been in a state of rapid urbanization. India’s cities have seen a massive influx of
people from surrounding rural regions. The income disparity between the urban citizens is also alarmingly
significant. While some enjoy the many luxuries and opportunities a city has to offer, some others struggle to find a
home in the city and live in situations of extreme vulnerability and precarity.
A report by the UN Habitat finds that close to 35% of India’s urban population lives in bastis or informal settlements.
There have been many policies over the years, in varying degrees of success, seeking to address this growing chasm
of formalized affordable housing. However, more than often, these housing schemes push the urban poor to the
peripheries of the city, causing a disruption in the patterns of their lives and livelihoods. The rehabilitation flats
accorded to them are too small and do not support their livelihoods.
Ahmedabad is no different. This research project seeks to study and understand some or any one of the
rehabilitative housing initiatives undertaken in Ahmedabad over the years

Student DRP