Patel Hetansh Mehulbhai


Chain Reactor | Triple Ripple

The foundation studio at Master’s in Architectural Tectonics was full of explorations. The course aims to integrate the design aspects of the building to the practical aspects of detailing and construction. The studio gave a close perspective to the importance of design decisions and their correlation with the details. The window exercise helped to explore different materials as well as components and understand their integrated behavior. Designing the spanning system gave an insight on how the whole composition of the structural system works and their effect on forces. The studio concluded with designing the high-rise building, which focused on majorly the structural system of such typologies. The whole semester encouraged to cross our potential and come up with unique design solutions. The whole process helped to get a close insight to the design.

Report Content

Fenestration_Chain Reactor

Spanning System

Spanning System

Building Organization_Tripple Ripple

Exterior View and Structural System_Tripple Ripple

Building Section and Typical Fenestration Detail_ Tripple Ripple

Typical Floor Plans_Tripple Ripple

Sectional Perspective_Tripple Ripple

1:50 Study Models_Tripple Ripple

Making Process_Tripple Ripple