Lohar Rasika Chhabildas Pratibha



The foundation studio in architecture tectonics aims to set up a disciplinary impetus for the program with considerable emphasis on the method of design and making. The studio builds the foundation of tectonics by engaging in methods of investigation, derivation, and evaluation of form with respect to expression of detail as the articulation of structural forces, material and construction, expressive dimension of detail through prototypes, drawings, and models. The final part deals with the consolidation of the above acquired skills, their resolution, and their layering in a high-rise, keeping in mind the future of resource crunch, land shortages and sustainability.

Report Content

Making: Vertical Sliding Shading Device

Understanding forces: Spanning system design

Tessera: conceptualizing the massing and program

Site plan and Typical Floor plans

Section and Structural system

Sectional Perspective

Wall section and fenestration details

Spanning system Iteration

Model Documentation_ Photographs

1:50 Scale Model and Graphical representation of the High-rise building