Saurabh Sachin Narsikar


Vertical Grounds

Imagining a school as a high-rise building could be the need of the hour, but it loses the scale and the touch of ground that is necessary for holistic learning. The question is- how to integrate this idea and make spaces with the point of view of a child?  Vertical grounds is thus a formal exploration of this idea. The program is divided such that it creates a schools within school expression, where cantilevered grounds act as datum for activity and interaction. The articulation of learning spaces is based on the age-group of the primary users- the children.

Report Content

Vertically Hinged Window Design: Swing

Force Distribution Study: Spanning

Building Organization

Typical Floor Plans

Building Section & Structural System

Sectional Perspective

Wall Section & Fenestration Detail

Building Renders

Model Photos

Model Photos (Understanding the Scale)