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Shah Richa Nilesh


Comparative Analysis of the Bazaar Streets of Bhuj

Foundation studio consisted of three major modules with the aim of exploring and focusing on a specific thematic study, establishing broader connections, and developing a comprehensive architectural timeline. As part of the first module, small individual tasks were used to gain an understanding of the values of the built environment. The second module covered surveying and documentation of the site in group settings and various documentation strategies were discussed. The third module involved building a thematic study, constructing broader connections through literature, and creating a conjectured timeline based on architectural and archival evidence.

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Report Content

Cognitive Mapping - Representing a Place

People, Spaces and Daily Life

Bhuj - First Impressions

Bhuj - Site Documentation

Bhuj - Site Documentation

Preparing stories of the bazaar streets

Re-imagining the bazaar streets - 100 years apart

Important Institutions at the Junction - 100 years apart

Transformation of the streetscape - Saraf Bazaar - 1922 and 2022

Transformation of the streetscape - Danda Bazaar - 1922 and 2022