Anmol D Aravandekar


What|When|Why to Conserve?

The semester was an introduction to the field of conservation, with a focus on developing conducive skills. Through various introductory exercises, an understanding of what and how to document was achieved. The site, Toraniya Naka at Darbargadh, Bhuj was then documented, and measured drawings were done. Following this, individual inquiries were taken up in assessing the structure, and assigning values to it.  The inquiry chosen here was to research evolution of the form, if any, and how the structure has behaved as an image for the monarchy, with changing symbolisms in each stage.

Report Content

Week 1-4

Initial exercises

Week 5-8

Site introduction

Archival study and site sheets

Measured drawings

Week 9-17

The evolution of form and the attached symbolism

Value assessment and statement of significance