Faculty: Jahnavi Bhatt

TA: Sarthak Patel

Nature, Place and Built-expression

The studio is an enquiry of Nature and Place, creative relations of place and people; and search for its essence through built expressions. The focus of design process is to take into consideration a landscape (geographic region), understand its key characteristics and proceed with built articulations through distinct attributes derived from the place.

Attributes such as Siting (relation to ground and sky), Enclosure (boundaries and interaction), Space-movement relationships, Light and structure relationships etc.; will be key in manifesting a form that can be rooted in its place. Each of these attributes will be a focal point at a time while simultaneously keeping the whole essence/core concept as a binding thread, to establish a relation with the environment; not with dominating shaping force but that of thoughtful attention. To answer the question “How” a built environment takes shape by means of the elements and their “being”.

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