TA: Rutvik Faldu | Riya Modi | Meen Purohit

One Forest

The studio began with a fundamental premise of landscape architecture - of reading a landscape, ?re ? presenting? it and responding to it articulately. The studio process consisted of -
1. Reading and representing
2. Imagining and constructing.
Decoding The forest , The forest/ the jungle/ the woods A place that we sense as archaic, primeval; and a space that is deep and dense Forests are complex in terms of ecology, chronology and human narratives that describe them. While
on one hand, they are understood as rational relationships of geography, soil, climate and vegetation. On the other hand they are more than the sum of these parts having their place deep in the human imagination. We investigated a forest and attempted to look at it from a multi- dimensional perspective. We developed ways to understand its complex layers and attempted to ?represent? its many natures in order to engage with it meaningfully

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