Ankit Matolia


Pause | Reflect

It is an introspective space which encourages people to take a pause. The space aims to be designed to eliminate any outside distractions and sensitize people through the experience of architecture. People who visit “Pause” are encouraged to relax, meditate, and retune themselves. The moment of pause can be achieved through stillness in architecture. We prefer to have moments of stillness, solitude, and quietness to fully experience the world around us. The pause can create a depth of understanding oneself and make them part of a symphony with nature and its surrounding. The urban context emanates high levels of energy with the constant movement and density of people residing and circulating within the area. The proposal of Pause would balance these high levels of energy with a space that enforces a lower, relaxed level of energy. The proposal of an Introspective program serves as a healing medium for the mind and soul through shared or individual experiences of relaxation and recuperation within the space. The concept revolves around the structure's nature to be “light and floating” on an omnipresent water body that governs and transits people through a journey of sacred experience. 

Report Content

Interpretation of Sacredness in Program

Understanding Sacredness in Architecture


Concept Evolution

Building Response with respect to Gandhi Ashram

Moment of stillness through architecture and silence with the sound of waterbody.

Building Assembly

Experience of Light

Transitory Experience | Framing Visual Connections