Sakshi Mathur


Pratibha : Sacredness in Gaining Knowledge

Knowledge is an act of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. The space needed to capture the idea of the sublime. The idea of learning, knowledge would be gained through reading books, which thus needs concentration, and hence the idea of reading in ‘silence’ which needs a room which becomes a practice that extends beyond the day with “ silence “ spaces" via a Library. The surrounding existing buildings create a sanctuary of the first Gandhi Ashram, the building responds to the site via Trees, Water and Spaces creating a  journey around to build a storyline.

Report Content

Understanding Light as an intangible factor in Architecture

Modernising the Elements of Architectural History

Project Brief , Iterations and Model Making exercises

Site Plan and Site Sections

Building Plans : Reflected Ceiling Plan , Flooring Layout , Interior Layout Plan and Water Treatment Plan

Building Sections and Details

Wall Sections and Details

Building Elevations and Entrance Gate Design

Entrance Cabin Design and Water Treatment Details

Building and Site Views