Sayantan Das


s . h . u . n . y . a

A musical performance hub to mold individuals experiences through space craft to reveal sacredness. The introverted architectural language initiates a journey between 'lost' and 'remembrance' by detaching them from the present moment. Life starts with music and rhythm. Music is a potent channel for connecting people without the need for languages. Its 7-note journey has the purest form of expressing emotions and connecting people without barriers. This 'untouchable' spatial aura activates the human subconscious mind to distract them from conscious activity while connecting them with music.

Report Content

Understanding "Sacredness" | Concept Development

Decoding "Sacredness" | Understanding 'Genesis'

Case Studies

Site Introduction | Space Development

Site Level Plan | Section | View

Elevations | OAT Section | Physical Model

Revealing The Aura 'untouchable'

Between 'lost' & 'remembrance'

Decoding Open Air Theatre

Framing The 'Heritage' | Element Initiation