Arkajyoti Pradhan


Sacred Spaces- Art School and Gallery

Throughout history the term ‘sacred’ has been coined to denote places of prayer and faith - something that must be revered and worshiped. Something that requires the presence of a belief system. The project aims to challenge that system by implementing sacredness in architecture without the presence of a belief by carefully studying elements in existing sacred spaces and implementing them into a framework utilizing sacredness without belief. Art as a whole is an activity that is sacred due to its inherent nature of creating something out of nothing. A space for creating such art would be considered equally sacred

Report Content

Introduction View- Framing and setup

Design development - Forms, Sketches and ideas

Design Development - Previous iterations and their development

Design - Site master plan

Design - Site Sections

Design - Floor plans

Design - Sections and Elevations

Design - Site landscape and part plans

Design - Views