Aniruddha Nilosey


Black Diamond: Experience Exhilaration

With the thirst for adventure rising in India, this Flagship store aims to create a hub for the mountaineering community of India.  
Black Diamond Equipment is a leading brand in the global mountaineering world, that is launching it’s first Flagship store in the Asian Continent at Rajghat Power Plant, New Delhi while also proposing an Adaptive Reuse of the same. 
The Store aims to primarily establish Black Diamond as the go-to brand for Indian Mountaineering Athletes and a lifestyle for the people who wish to be a part of the Mountaineering community. 

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Report Content

Researching and Understanding what the brand "Black Diamond" is.

Graphically representing the spirit of the brand as per the research, and Formulating a Success Matrix for the Proposed Flagship store.

Rajghat Power Plant, New Delhi is an abandoned Coal plant. The project proposes an adaptive reuse of the plant by 'Embracing and repairing the existing structure' along with Introducing new elements to revive the place and adapting it for the Flagship store.

The Flagship store needs to be designed so that the customers could relate it with their own journey. Hence, the concept "Canvas your own journey"

Final plans of the proposed flagship store.

Exploded Isometric render of the Flagship Store depicting the levels.

Sectional Perspective depicting the internal levels and volumetric differences, along with the Sectional Elevations.

A view of the facade of the Flagship store, along with the Entry scene describing the first impression of the customers as the walk into the store.

Views depicting the Visual Merchandising and installations of the store.

Views of the First Floor and the Glass Tunnel.