Nandini Kataria


Spotify Park - a Pop Up Experience

Creating a Pop Up Experience Store for Spotify to create brand activation. Intent of this Pop -up is to celebrate "free access to music", which happens to be one of the key foundations of Spotify. 
It caters to both Artist and users, who are main demographics of the brand. Spotify identifies itself as a fun and Pop brand, hence the mood is set in such manner.
Suitable sites for this would be in a busy park/garden of metrocities which is located in a active areas of the city. Current site is in Cubbon Park, Bangaluru.

Report Content

Performance Area - Live Music area with a screen, which acts as a backstage. Foldable chairs stored inside for people to sit and enjoy.

Research about Spotify

Demographic study and Programs

Moodboard and Site study

Diagrammatic representation of the pop up

Plan of Spotify Pop up experience

Spotify Wall - A wall with Drums on it for someone to enjoy playing it. A photo Op spotify Wall A provision of Vending machine and Charging points for passerby’s in the garden.

Merchandise Area - Personalised corner, a display for jackets, headbands, bucket hats and lipstick. Open able - Close able partition act as Environmental Graphics.

Cymatics - Inside of the store, one finds a dancing floor, it makes sound when you step on it which in turn produce Cymatics effect on wall. To create more engagement, a mirror is added on the ceiling.

Exploded view of the store.