Patel Bhowmi Kiranbhai


Curated Museum Spaces

Looking at the edifice of Basilica from interior and exterior points of view, volumetric spaces through various structural elements come into the picture. While having a walk through the main entrance of the cathedral to the passage connecting to the courtyard and the corridor of the courtyard to the exit passage, the transition of the spaces concerning varied scale, heights, width, and volume is experienced. The variation in the placement of elements into a space gives the spatial experience of being or passing through that space. For example, two openings facing each other at different heights in one passage give a sense of scale and transitory phases created in that space. Similarly, the change of height, material, and pattern of the ceiling while passing through the cathedral to the courtyard affects the volume and experience of the space. The discontinuity between two individual spaces is experienced. The conversion of spaces is kept obvious but the elements which form these spaces are common. These elements which are serving their purpose to the space need to function and add onto other elements to create spaces. The spatial qualities of the zones created in between these elements in a space need to be addressed and enhanced. Collaborating the various elements in different states and conditions and bringing them all together to be experienced. A cohesive museum space where the elements have an identity to exhibit or become an exhibitor, where "Experience is the exhibit".

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Conceptual sheet

Floor Plans

Old v/s New with the contemporary material palette, Snippets, and overall intervention

Display system_ Making of Basilica

Display system_ Digital Gallery, Religious Exhibits, Contemporary Exhibits

Display system_ Golden Goa Exhibits

Bird eye view from courtyard

A passage between the existing and proposed courtyard.

Extended multipurpose space connected through vaults

Curated Museum Spaces_ Exhibition Panel