Ishita Ashwinbhai Patel


Curated Museum Spaces

The basilica being inward looking space the inner courtyard is the only sense of outdoor space made to experience programmatically, The rear facade gives the feeling of vast expanse which the user tends to engage into informally- Release point. Even the front facade with its buttresses attract people comparatively than the interior spaces hence people are seen progressing towards the exterior more than the interior. Key decisions are as follows : 1.Knowing the importance of the interior courtyard as a release point it is further strengthened programmatically by adding extension of display space. 2.The sequential progression is planned from the courtyard display spaces to the neglected rear spaces as double storey spaces. 3.Additional enclosure is intersected with the rear facade and buttresses amidst the thick foliage and vast expanse of the floor. 

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"The extended" Museum Spaces