Faculty: Gaurang Shah | Jigarkumar Gohil

TA: Richa Patel

Form Kinematics and Movement

After having attained a certain level of proficiency
in the understanding of manipulation of form, this studio is an introduction of movement as a fourth dimension of form. It involved having a critical look at the first three dimensions and how one dimension unfolds into another leading to creation of credible and innovative forms. The objective was :
? To understand materials and structures which change their forms through movement.
? Develop basic understanding of the field of kinematics and its application in form manipulation.
? Develop sensitivity and solution for techno
aesthetic detailing.
? To understand relationships between lines, planes, curves and surfaces in different states or conditions.
? Understand how a straight element becomes curved and vice versa. Understanding ways in which a volume collapses into other states ( eg flat).
? Understanding how forms transform from small to big. Understanding transformation of lines into a plane and a plane into 2 and 3 dimensions.

Studio Unit

Studio Overview