Roodkee Adarsh Arunkumar



Project Brief - Designing a modular staircase with a playful element to it, which is child friendly ( Jr. & Sr. KG ) primary to be installed in schools.
Studio Brief -We had to design the staircase, which need to have modularity in it. In order to design a staircase we had to study the existing staircase around us. We did the case study for it, to understand the existing system of the staircase. And at the end designed staircase keeping in mind the standards we have studied and observation been done on our project brief.

Report Content

Modular Staircase Systems

About Modularity & on site case study

Did case study with its full detail study

Problem in existing staircase

Generation of brief

Field study & proposed game

Conceptualization & Iteration

Exploded view & Material spec

Sequence of assembly

Model making