Tina Gupta



Modular Staircase Systems define MODULARITY, EASE OF ASSEMBLY, AND MASS PRODUCTIONABLE System design for Building staircases. The studio brief focussed on the selection of context and proposing a modular system of stairs for the same. The course outlined diverse experimentation of joineries and materials in order to achieve maximum modularity in every step. The Spinner Module is a multi-functional, lightweight and kids-friendly module that can be stacked multiple times to get converted into a spiral staircase. Playschools with their open plan system use their spaces differently at multiple times of the day. Therefore with such a module-based and space-saving staircase system, the staircase can be assembled when required. Meanwhile, when not under use, the staircase modules can be assembled in multiple variations by kids enhancing group as well as individual activities.   

Report Content

Staircases - context explorations

Case Study - Prathama Blood Donation Center

Case Study - Prathama Blood Donation Center

User Study - Play schools

The Spinner Module - Design Development

The Spinner Module - Technical details

The Spinner Module - Technical details

The Spinner Module - dESIGN iTERATIONS

The Spinner Module - Staircase Prototypes

The Spinner Staircase - Look and Feel