Saumya Khimesara


Youth Hostel & Recreations

The studio aimed to repurpose the existing St. Paul Church in Diu. With no community living around the area, and large tourist footfall of the age group 18-35 years, the proposal is to design a ‘Youth hostel’ for the space, which works in association with the ‘Youth Hostels of India’. The intention was to enhance the heritage value of the church while introducing a new space that boldly contrasts the existing highly ornamented church. The new space focuses more on the unbuilt area of the church, thus not touching the beauty of the old. Check the entire work here.

Report Content

Site analysis

Building Analysis

Program & Concept

Ground floor & ground floor mezzanine plan

First floor & first floor mezzanine plan

Terrace plan & sections

External views & isometric slice

CHurch turned swimming pool & recreational spaces

Courtyard with 24/7 café and community gathering

Terrace dorms & residential pods