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Ketki Bochare


Punarvikas- Rethinking Koliwada through slight steps

The project aims at redeveloping Koliwada, Dharavi from a Bottom-Up planning approach. A significant focus has been laid on creating wider streets for pedestrian/vehicular movement and spillover activities. The proposed design is a pilot project that tries to retain existing open spaces and highlight the underlying waste management issue where it not only provides an opportunity for waste segregation but also reduces the requirement for public toilets by providing them inside the unit. Overall it explores how existing open space can be expanded in different phases to inculcate a sense of neighbourhood.

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Report Content

Case Study- Understanding mass housing

Family Cycle and Exploring tangible and Intangible Aspects

Site documentation- Understanding History and Morphology

Site Documentation- Dynamic Nature of Streets and Public Spaces

Individual Inferences

Process and Site Plan

Final Plan