Divya B Thakkar


SUKRUTI NIVAS - Housing for Koli's

Sukruti Nivas Housing delivers an idea to develop the connection between the existing and extension of the Koli Community. The design idea started with the intent of developing an unconventional idea of mass housing than the conventional ones which are seen and used as case studies. The design takes its turn toward responding and somehow an effort to implicate the future aspects as well. It also corresponds to the analyzed - observations and inferences regarding - activity generators, space allocation, multi-usage of space, circulation, and ventilation, green spaces, courtyards, accessibility, and many more.

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Report Content

Case Study - Robin Hood Gardens

Family Cycle and Activities analysed during Site Visit - Koliwada, Dharavi, Mumbai

Community Sheets analysed through Plans and Sections that define the character of Space

Analysis of Community Sheets done through SWOT and Mapping.

5 stages showing Opportunity Constraint Diagrams with iterations that escalated design

Design Process in various ways

Master Plan

Part Floor Plans

Sections cutting through Site and Edge Conditions

Model Photographs