Bhoomika Patel


VIKALP: EWS Housing Project

The project 'Vilakp' aims at creating mass housing in Koliwada, Dharavi. Koliwada has a very unique character and lifestyle. The project focuses on providing open spaces and better opportunities for the people while retaining the existing lifestyle of people and character of the settlement. The project also focuses on creating shared spaces for interaction and for spillover of domestic activities. 'Vikalp' also tries to bring out the relationship between the built-mass and surrounding open spaces

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Report Content

Understanding Mass Through Case Study: Aranya Housing

Site Documentation: Koliwada, Dharavi

Site Analysis | Family Cycle

Analysing and Deciphering Public Institutions and Structures

Observations and Inferences

Design Process: Constraints and Opportunities | Unit Evolution

Generation & Linking and Stacking | Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Design: Part Plans

Site Model | Part Model