Faculty: Vanishree Herlekar | Brijesh Bhatha | Aparna Joshi | Purvi Chhadva

TA: Jugal Bhatt | Parth Patel | Forum Shah

Master plan studio

The studio focuses on the master planning and design of single ownership large greenfield developments/ cleared brownfield development with a key emphasis on the design of liveable neighbourhoods.

In past few years there has been an increasing attention to redeveloping vacant and inefficiently used public land within cities to add much needed housing, amenities and accessible and inclusive public realm.

The Ministry of Defence is the largest land owning public authority in the country with 17.3 Lakh acres of land under its ownership. The studio unit makes a case for opening up part of the under-utilised defence land along the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad for redevelopment. This is aligned to the new National Defence Land Policy currently under consideration that encourages the development of surplus defence lands outside Cantonments for public infrastructure and improvements.

The strategic location of the Ahmedabad Cantonment site close to the airport and abutting the riverfront phase 2 provides a unique opportunity to imagine future waterfront developments and to trigger further investments in the area.

Studio Unit

Urban Insert Master Plan for Under-Utilised Defence Land in Ahmedabad

Site Contextualisation

Articulating Intent, Objectives and Design Strategy

Developing Final Master Plan Framework with Key Indicators

Visualising Quality of Public Realm and Built Form