Faculty: Purvi Chhadva | Brijesh Bhatha | Vanishree Herlekar | Aparna Joshi

TA: Jugal Bhatt | Parth Patel | Forum Shah

Master plan studio

"The studio focuses on the design of large green field developments/ clear brownfield development with a key emphasis on the design of liveable neighbourhoods. To respond to the demand of expansion in the rapidly growing urban centres, governments facilitate new developments through various development mechanisms. Town Planning Scheme (TPS) mechanism is employed in case of green field developments when there are multiple land parcels owned by different stakeholders and is directed by the State government. Integrated Township Policy allows private developer to develop residential townships in the outskirts of cities and involve large tract of greenfield land which is under a single ownership. In many instances lands within the city become available for redevelopment such as defunct mill land etc. Government has given incentives to encourage developers to use closed mill lands for construction of affordable housing, and institutional and commercial establishments. This studio project will be based on large parcel of land which has single ownership and is either greenfield or brown field site ie. a developer driven township or redevelopment of defunct mill lands. "

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Studio Unit

Studio modules and module 1

Module 1: Site contextualization, case studies & Olympics game plan

Module 2: Master plan framework

Module 3: Design development

Module 4: Detail design