Dhyan Utpalkumar Patel


Humanized Neighbourhood

The design narrative consists of key 5 points that are used:
 1. “More Roads More Traffic, Less Road Less Traffic”
 From the concept of Jan Gehl, I would like to have fewer roads for vehicular movement on the site which helps enhance the freedom of movement for pedestrians across the site without hindrance.
2. Enhancement of the User’s Routine Walking Experience
The majority of the people on our site are interested in walking people often walk during different time of the day, and this led to the design argument of creating more exciting walkways that promotes better experiential quality on different levels connecting various residential buildings.
3. Safety
 The key concern is the safety of children as well as adults. The design has enough opening which leads to key concepts of Eyes on the Street, and this is fulfilled by multiple commerce on various levels as well as a shopping street, and all are placed where the playgrounds are clearly visible.
 4. All-time accessible places
 Different people prefer doing the same activity during different times of the day hence, creating places and designs which are accessible and user-friendly at all times of the day.
 5. Hierarchy of Open Spaces Pockets
One of the most crucial factors was creating multiple different scale pockets that slowly opened up into the central maidan enhancing the user experience, safety, and accessibility which sums up all the above points and was the base of the design approach. 

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