Sanskriti Kesarwani


Convention for People and Buses

The project intends to improve the movement of the bus arriving and departing bus station at Vasna, Ahmedabad. It also enhances the existing conditions of the station and adds a function that caters to the needs of the people living in the underlying area or the city at large. Since the area lacked spots or places people could gather, people tended to gather near the bus station. The aim is to redesign the existing bus station along with the function i.e. gathering space and upheaving the bus station and area.   

Report Content

Transit experience to get a glimpse of how traveling on the bus feels.

Site Analysis.

Analyzing of the bus station and surrounding area.

Case study before starting the design process.

Design development started from adjacency to the process model which was used in understanding the roof.

Master Plan.

Part Plan.

Roof Plan.


Final Model.