Dayita Biswas



Transit places are a part of every common people. It connects people from place to place. It is an easy and affordable way of transport. The studio aimed at designing a better transit place, that integrates the existing bus terminus in Vasna, Ahmedabad. The terminus is fully functional including 10 buses in total (2 BRTS, 6 AMTS, 2 Parked bus). In this case the function x chosen for the common people was Book Bank. The selection of function x was based on the site and people nearby. The book bank was proposed so that it benefits the students at the existing government school and colleges and to those people who are from the vasna gram because they don’t have any recreational place. The concept of book bank is that people can come borrow book and read, as well as they can donate or exchange books at the exchange office which will help them to organize book fairs .

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Site Analysis

Online case study

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Design Development

Design Development

Final Plan

Sections, roof plan and movement of a passenger towards bookbank

The sections shows how there is a visual connection between the passengers of platform and the people in book bank reading area. To cancel the noise a buffer zone was created by planting trees

Final Model views