Chovatiya Khushi Vimalbhai


Transit Hub (not only for passengers)

Transit planning (especially when it comes to the government project) is often defined only in terms of efficiency and vehicular flow overlooking the other important attribute of this typology: public space that is overlooked for the nearby inhabitants. Stations, terminals, and hubs are a celebration of movement and pause, the coming together of people on the way to somewhere. This crafting of public space is not at odds with the engineering challenges of speed and flux; indeed it is complementary and necessary to the success of transit systems. The project aim is to re-design a transit Centre for the Vasna which is residential neighbourhood, situated in the western suburbs of Ahmedabad. Primary motive behind the project is to design and develop user friendly elements for the Transit system that are well integrated with the adjacent and existing land uses and developments. It is an attempt to design a transit space predominantly for the pedestrians, nearby inhabitants and the community which uses the existing bus terminus. 

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