Tanishi Soni


Travel in convenience

The objective of this project was to design an intermodal transit hub at Vasna, situated in western suburbs of Ahmedabad. The aim was to connect AMTS bus system with BRTS bus system, to effectively design easy bus movements and to keep it safe for pedestrian movement. Keeping the objective in mind an addition factor x was added to the project which would benefit both passengers as well as neighborhood residents. My factor x was a food court. There were stalls just outside the station, so I tried to provide greater footfall for them by bringing them inside the station.

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Report Content

Introduction to the Site : Vasna bus terminal, Ahmedabad.

Site analysis, understanding the context of the site and its neighborhood.

Online case study to understand bus and pedestrian movements.

Onsite case study to understand how bus station functions.

Design process.

Master plan of the site.


Detailed part plan and section of the factor x - "food court".

Roof plan with site context.

Model at 1 : 100 scale.